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My debut short film Dominant Chord is now available to stream on YouTube, Amazon Prime, Dekkoo and VimeoVOD

is my team sport. As a director my goal is to give people the space to bring their unique talents and abilities to help tell compelling, thought provoking and entertaining stories, in environment that fosters value and respect for all.

I firmly believe, How we tell stories is as important as which stories we tell. Please reach out if there are any stories you'd like to collaborate on.

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White laurel for Chicago Reeling LGBTQ Film Festival 2019White laurel for Cinema Diverse LGBTQ Film Festival 2019


It all starts with a script. As a feature film writer I am interested in telling the stories from points of view we don't often see portrayed on the screen. Diverse stories are not just commercially viable in a global world they are necessary. As an LGBTQ writer I can't help but bring this point of view into my work. I strive to write entertaining stories that help us  understand and empathize with each other better.

All the messy grey areas in life are fascinating and I enjoy exploring deeply flawed characters, their complicated relationships and the things that bring us together or drive us apart.


Dominant Chord - Feature / Drama

A country star's meteoric rise on the Nashville music scene threatens to come crashing down when his first major label tour is derailed by the public revelation of his love for another man.

The Hurley - Feature / Thriller

An idyllic weekend getaway in a remote lake community turns deadly when a young gay med student gets caught up in a love triangle that places him the crosshairs of a serial killer.

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awards and Nominations

Austin Revolution Screenwriting Competition
"Dominant Chord" (Short)
SF Indie Fest Screenwriting Competition
"Dominant Chord" (Short)
MPPIA Short Film Pitch Whistler Film Fest
"Vigilance" (Short)
Cold Reading Series Vancouver
Next of Kin" (Feature)
Official Selection
Writer - Jeremy Leroux
Director - Orsy Szabo
DOP - Lindsay George
Cast - Lee Majdoub, Leah Cairns
Producers - Krista Gruen, Paneet Singh


I have been a professional actor in the Vancouver theatre, Film/ TV and Indie Film scene for over twenty years. During that time you could say I've become an expert "father".

From the religious kind in "Shooting the Musical" and "Doubt" to the more secular dad and husband roles. Like in NVCP's BC Theatre Mainstage winning production of "Rabbit Hole" and singing my way through the rock musical "Next To Normal."

I've had lots of extra-curricular practice. Spending two years at the seminary studying to be a priest and then years later earning my title of "world's greatest uncle" hanging out with my niece and nephew on weekends.

UBCP/ACTRA performer. Dialect Coach.

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Rebecca Strom

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Vancouver, B.C., V6B 1S5


Singing is like breathing for me, and songwriting by extension has  tagged along for the ride. My main instrument has always been my voice, with lyrics and melody flowing often flowing out simultaneously in a wave.

Over the years my musical tasted have evolved. From Canadian Icons Bryan Adams and Celine Dion to Country Artists Garth Brooks and Ty Herndon to Imagine Dragons and Maroon 5, for starters.

Three chords and the truth probably defines my style best though. Songwriting another way to tell stories with familiar imagery and simple melodies. Most currently I was able to get back into the studio and record a new song “Secrets and Lies” and re-imagine a song written twenty years ago called “Tequila Talking.”


I am a self-professed computer nerd and the Owner/ Operator of True Reflection Media a digital production company that helps creatives carve a niche for themselves online. I specialize in actor demo reels, branding, marketing and custom websites for performers, filmmakers and small businesses.

A large part of my focus is teaching and empowering people to take control of their own digital presence, so that what they put out into the world is a True Reflection of them or their business.

The web changes fast and platforms come and go. What I do is find the best pieces and fit them together in easy to manage, creative, customized and tailored solutions for my clients.

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